Sunday, December 18, 2011


Almost Merry Christmas to you!  Thanks to my faithful bloggy friends for stopping by.
You would think this time of year I would be cooking up a storm!  I love holiday cooking/baking, and, I just haven't done that much yet!  My kids are now on vacation and we are planning to do some fun things in the kitchen this week.  Also, our annual Christmas Eve open House is quickly approaching.  So, I'll be plenty busy getting ready for that.
Here's what I'm hoping to bring to the table this year:
  • Caprese salad on a stick
  • Sweet potato cakes with black bean salsa
  • Pumpkin and goat cheese pies
  • Apricot bacon wraps (this is always the hit of the party, I have to make it)
  • Sparkling cranberry brie crackers
  • Chocolate covered pretzel rods
  • Christmas tree cheese plate
  • Olive wreath
  • Pretzel bites
  • Sundried tomato, basil and cheese dip
I need a few desserts, I just haven't decided yet.  

Of course, all recipe's will be posted with pictures.  Make sure you stop by tomorrow for Secret Recipe Club reveal day!  See whose blog I got to cook from!  I was impressed... so maybe you will be too.  :-)

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