Thursday, May 9, 2013

BBQ Sauce Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Winner Winner BBQ Dinner!!!

And the winner is...
Melissa Schnieder!  
Congrats and thanks for entering!

***UPDATE*** Contest extended!!!!!  

Meet my new friend Johnny Secreto.  
This is now my favorite barbecue sauce.  It is all natural, I recognize every single ingredient on the label!  And, it's local!  If you've been around for awhile, you know I like "real" food.  I like to do a lot of home made recipes because I want to know what's in my food, and I want it to be real.  No high fructose corn syrup is allowed in this house!  Or things that have a gazillion unrecognizable ingredients and preservatives in it.  Nope, not here.  So, I was delighted to find this sauce.  I'm all about making my own sauces... but, don't we all need a little convenience sometimes? With 4 kids, I say YES!  I may never make my own barbecue sauce again!  

Okay, so I was asked to review this sauce.  You may  have already caught on, that I LOVED it!!  
The flavor is great, you can actually taste layers of flavor, and it has a subtle kick in the after taste.  It has a great balance of sweet and smoky.  My whole family really enjoyed it.  The kids always give me a thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs sideways review at dinner.  This one got 2 thumbs up!  
Here's what I decided to put it on...

Yes, ribs!  Ribs just scream bbq!  
I was recently in Kansas City visiting my cousins (who are super awesome by the way), and we had us some real Kansas City Barbecue, mm hmm.  It was good, it was delicious actually, it was authentic KC BBQ.  But, Johnny Secreto might just take the cake on this one (sorry Kansas).  

I would not, and will not limit myself to ribs with this sauce.  It would be good on so many things!  
You can check out this baby back rib recipe here.  

Be sure to visit the Johnny Secreto website too.  And guess what!  They make Pasta Sauce too!  And marinades and spice blends.   
Johhny Secreto sauces can be found at many local farmers markets in Michigan.  You can also find it  on their website. Your local Meijer store carries the Pasta Sauce.

Did you see "Giveaway" in the title of this post?  Yes!  Johnny Secreto's is giving me a Craft Barbecue Sauce to give away to you my awesome readers!  Here's how to enter:
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