Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My new kitchen tool

I have a new kitchen tool!  I purchased a pressure cooker.  Now, this is probably not exciting for most people, but I'm thrilled!  My mom never used one, I've never used one, so this is a first experience.  So far it is going well.  I've made a chicken dish, a pot roast and black beans.  The chicken dish was very flavorful and super easy.  I just chopped up some potatoes, zucchini, summer squash and sweet potatoes, threw in a can of diced tomatoes, the chicken which I cut in pieces, some herbs/spices, and wa-lah!  dinner is done.  It was all of 30 minutes.  The cook time was actually 9 minutes, and I would go 7 next time.  The chicken was a tiny bit overdone. 

I also made a pot roast.  Now, I cook my pot roast all day in the oven at a low temp.  Low and slow for fork tender, so I was pretty leary when they said I could get fork tender in an hour.  I gave it a whirl, and it was pretty good!  I would have liked the meat to be a little more tender.  I'll need to play around with this a little, not sure if it needs a little more time, or a little less time.  The potatoes and carrots I put with it were wonderful, and the gravy was fabulous!  So, really, overall, a great meal.  Husband loved it, that's all that really matters isn't it? 

My most recent was my black beans and rice recipe which is already on here.  I use dried beans.  I soaked them from 10 this morning til 4 this afternoon.  Then I put them in the pressure cooker with the water.  Use 3 cups of water to every 1 cup of dried beans.  9  minutes later... perfect black beans!  I'm pretty sure this will be my future method for all my dried beans. 

So, I want to hear from YOU!  Do you have a pressure cooker?  Do you use it?  What's your favorite meal to use it for?  Please please share your recipe's!! 

I will share more specific's on the first 2 recipe's another time .  I can't wait to get your feedback, so please comment.  :-)