Thursday, March 25, 2010

St. Patricks day celebration

I'm finally posting the results from our St. Patricks day celebration.  The recipe's are already on here except for Green Goddess dressing, which I'll put in another post.  It was really good! 
The line up was...
Green Salad w/green goddess dressing
Irish beef handpies
Shepherd's pie
Shamrock shaped pizza's
Shamrock shakes

Everything turned out great!  We never really celebrated St. Patricks day, but now that I have kids, it's just a reason to celebrate!  We love to make ordinary days more extraordinary.  We are far from Irish, but who says St. Patricks day is only for the Irish!  The day is to recognize Patrick who spread the news of the Gospel throughout Ireland.  That is worth celebrating!

shamrock appetizer

The table... w/a couple ppl's hands.  They're ready to go, no time for pics!

Our Shamrock Shaped pizza!  Thanks local pizza place!

Kids sporting they're St. Paddy's day necklaces/tattoos. 

C.J.... she loved her clover body jewelry... it's sparkly.

mmm!  Shamrock shake topped off w/whipped cream and of course green sprinkles!

Good friends!  We had some friends join our celebration and it made all the difference!
Thanks for coming friends!!


  1. So cute, I want a Shamrock face sticker, I'll wear it on our next GNO..:D

  2. Are you posting from Alabama or are you home? If you are home CALL ME! I can't wait to hear how the trip went!

  3. Adorable!! I want one of those sparkly Shamrock face stickers!! Too fun!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love to you~
    cindy :)