Sunday, October 14, 2012

Taste of Michigan part 2

It's been a week since I attended the much anticipated "Taste of Michigan" event.  It's amazing how far behind you get after only 1 day away from home.  A huge huge huge Thank you to my awesome amazing husband, who, stayed home all day with 4 kids, so I could attend the event.  I love you so much honey!  (Isn't he so hot?!)

Photo by Rudy Malmquist

Now, on to my recap.  Please excuse the poor quality on some of these photos.  Some were taken with my phone, which does NOT begin with "i".  
Our first stop was at the Fulton Street Farmer's Market.  

Wow, I haven't been to this market in a really long time.  I knew it was great, but it sure has changed since I've been there.  It's all covered, and they have such an abundance of goods.  We had 20 bloggers that met here, and we started with breakfast at The Silver Spork Food Truck.  I had the baked oatmeal, it was delish!  Everything that was coming out of that truck looked amazing.  You just wouldn't expect that from a truck.  

Next, we headed over to Art of the Table.  

This is one of my favorite shops.  They have tons of kitchen gadgets, towels, napkins, serving dishes and yummy prepared foods.  When we arrived, Patricia's Chocolates was doing a demo with LOTS of tasting!  Her chocolates were amazing, lots of different varieties, and who doesn't love chocolate? 

After some tasting and shopping, The wonderful people at Art of the Table handed each of us a bag of goodies on our way out.  

Then we were off for a little 'free time'.  We wandered around the shops on Wealthy street and Cherry Street District.  I really enjoyed spending time with other bloggers.  I love that one thing in common with someone can just unite you and give you a special connection.  

At 1:00 it was time for our private lunch at Bistro Bella Vita.  First we had a wonderful demonstration from Liz on how to make her family recipe of hummus, using Kitchen Aid's new food processor.    Hummus is one of my favorite things, and I loved her recipe.  

Then Bistro served us appetizers, and pasta and risotto.  Of course it was all super tasty! 

At the end of our Lunch, Kitchen Aid gave away a beautiful, shiny red Mixer!!!  

I did not win, but Meghan, from What Meghan's Making did win, and she's a baker.  How appropriate!  

After lunch, we headed over to Reserve Wine and Food for a little tasting and Charcuterie.  
Now, my husband and I don't drink, so this is a place that probably would not attract me.  I am so glad this was on our agenda!  Peter, the General Manager gave us a tour of the building, which was formerly a bank. He definitely knows his stuff.  I learned alot about the industry, and about the restaurant and what they serve.  He was very hospitable.  The wine cellar is kept in the former vault, and they still have the door.  It added so much character.  

Peter-General Manager

Doing what food bloggers do... taking pics!

Claire from DC as in Washington

Listening to Peter

The Vault

Anyone for a $2700  bottle of Wine?  fun fact, they've sold 0 and they keep 2 on hand.

After mingling with my new favorite foodies, I headed back home to freshen up for dinner at Six One Six.  Of course, dinner was AMAZING.  We started with a cauliflower soup, then enjoyed a beet and pear salad, followed by our main course, which was a lovely stuffed chicken, and finished with a chocolate banana dessert.

The awesome chef's at six one six.  


All of our stops treated us with impeccable service!  Thank you to all of you.  

Liz from The Lemon Bowl  and Rachel from Rachel Cooks put this event together.  They did an amazing job!  Did I say it was amazing already?  I just can't think of another adjective that describes this event.  Thank you Liz and Rachel!!  I was so honored to be apart of this.  

It was such an eventful day full of food, new friends, and SWAG!!!  Okay, so I'm from W. Michigan, I love a good deal, and the only thing better than a good deal is FREE!  So many local companies donated awesome stuff for our swag bags.  So professional right, "stuff".  There is too much to list, but there was over $500 worth of products in our bags.  A few of my favorites... Rowsters Coffee, Vanilla beans and vanilla extract from Beanilla, Good Life Granola, a cookbook, pickles... okay, I loved it all!

Here's some of my new foodie friends.  I wish I had pictures of them all!


Meghan (mixer winner!) and Nikki

Please visit Taste of Michigan to see all the lovely sponsors and attendees and their fabulous websites, and make sure you tell them I sent you.  :D


  1. Great recap, Chellie! It was so great meeting you and shopping with you. And thanks so much for driving me around! :)

    1. Great to meet you too Lesa! It was my pleasure to ride with you. :-)

  2. Great recap!! Glad you enjoyed the event, wish we could have chatted more!

    1. Oh Rachel, I wish we could have too! That's why we have to do it again! No pressure, haha! Let us know when that baby gets here. :-)

  3. Nice recap Chelllie! Taste of Michigan was such a great day for us food bloggers. I really enjoyed every minute of it! I am laughing at that photo of your hubby....does he know that you posted it????

    1. It was a great day Tracy. My hubby does know that I posted it, but I don't think he's read my post (yet?). He really loves me, but I don't think he feels a need to read my stuff because I've probably already told him anything that's on here. haha! We'll see if I get a comment from him. :-) So nice meeting you!!!

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